This article is based on the book ‘First Comes Love Then Comes Money,’ by Bethany & Scott Palmer.

The Spender

‘Many will intreat the favour of the prince: And every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.’ Proverbs 19:6 KJV‬

The Spender can be rich, poor or somewhere in-between. Here are some of their characteristics. They…


  • Live in the moment – they are focused on what is happening right now and making memories 
  • Love to buy things for other people – they get tremendous joy from gift giving
  • Get a thrill from the purchase  -they don’t care how much they spend or who they spend it on, they just like spending.


  • Impractical – spenders are often impulsive buyers 
  • Non-communicative – often they won’t talk about their purchases with their partner 
  • Filled with regret – they may have buyers remorse about overspending
  • Budget breaker – spenders find it hard to stick to a budget which can to high amounts of debt

Does this describe your primary or secondary financial personality? How does it impact your financial goals, your career, your small and big decision making? How does it impact your relationships? What small but powerful changes can you make to ensure your financial personality helps rather than hinders you? How can you use your financial personality to glorify Jesus? If you are not a spender, what can you learn from the Spender? Please continue the conversation by commenting and sharing!