This article is based on the book ‘First Comes Love Then Comes Money,’ by Bethany & Scott Palmer.

The Risk Taker

When you dig a well,

you might fall in.

When you demolish an old wall,

you could be bitten by a snake.

When you work in a quarry,

stones might fall and crush you.

When you chop wood,

there is danger with each stroke of your axe.

Using a dull axe requires great strength,

so sharpen the blade.

That’s the value of wisdom;

it helps you succeed.’ Eccl 10:8-10

The Risk Taker can be rich, poor or somewhere in-between. No matter their economic status, they value opportunity rather than safety and are willing to take risks if the pay-off is great enough. They are the Elon Musks, Jeff Bezos’ and Richard Bransons of this world. They recognise that all progress involves an element of risk. Here are some of their characteristics. They…





      • Are conceptual thinkers – they don’t get hung up on the details. When they lead on something, they move fast 

      • Get excited by possibility

      • Love finding their next adventure

      • Listen to their gut

      • Aren’t afraid to make decisions


        • Are vulnerable to being victims of cons because they didn’t check out the details 

        • Can be so blinded by possibility that they fail to take other important factors into account

        • Can cause resentment in others if they make quick  financial decisions that causes others to suffer

        • Are impatient with others who don’t decide as quickly as they do. Might make decisions without consulting with others involved

        • Can be insensitive to the feelings of others and unwilling to compromise

      Does this describe your primary or secondary financial personality? How does it impact your financial goals, your career, your small and big decision making? How does it impact your relationships? What small but powerful changes can you make to ensure your financial personality helps rather than hinders you? How can you use your financial personality to glorify Jesus? If you are not a Risk Taker, what can you learn from the Risk Taker? Please continue the conversation by commenting and sharing!