Savings Accounts

No matter what your goals are, we make it easy to put money aside today.

"Our credit union's profits go back to the members, who are shareholders. This allows credit unions to charge lower interest rates on loans."

Saving with us

"When you join Adventist Credit Union, we automatically open a savings account for you. We want to help everyone get into the habit of saving. This gives you a 'share' in your Credit Union, and when we make a profit, we pay dividends annually on your savings."

Who Are We?

At The Adventist Credit Union, we offer a real alternative to banks and building societies. Unlike a regular savings account, in which you receive interest, we aim to reward our savers by paying a yearly dividend. This allows you to share in the profits of the credit union.

We’ve been helping people find a good place for their money since 1984

Saving with us

We understand that saving money can be challenging, which is why we offer easy ways for you to save with us. For instance, you can pay into your savings account through a standing order, over the counter at your bank, or by making online BACS payments through your bank.

Our Bank Details:
Bank: HSBC Sort Code: 40 11 60
Account number: 41 18 36 05
Adventist Credit Union
Please use your ACU Membership Number as a reference.

Regular Savings Account

As a member, you can have one or several savings accounts for different purposes.

Christmas Saving Club

As a credit union, we are here to help our members achieve their financial goals

Young Saver Account

Save as much as you want and as and when you want.


Your savings will always belong to you.  When you join the credit union, you are given an account number and a passbook.  

Your passbook will be updated by ACU Cashiers at our credit union Collection Points. Or you can register on the ACU website to view your account or request a Statement of your account from the ACU office (Tel: 07930 854730).

You will always be able to keep track of your savings.

The collective amount of money saved by members is ‘pooled’ together in a fund from which members can be granted low-cost loans.  However, you will always be able to access your savings.

Here at The Adventist Credit Union, the safety of your money is very important to us. This is why we are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

This means that your savings are guaranteed up to a value of £85,000 if anything were to happen to the credit union.

If you would like to read more about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, please see here.