What is the purpose of a Credit Union?

What is the purpose of a Credit Union?

You have lots of choices in financial institutions. What is the best option for you and your family? When you compare, you will see the benefits of joining a credit union are quite clear.

Banks and Building Societies are financial institutions that accept deposits and make loans. They are in business to make a profit. They are chartered, or permitted to do business, by the state or federal government. They are owned by groups of stockholders whose interests include earning a healthy return on their investments.

There are many credit unions in the UK and at least one new credit union registers every month.

A credit union is a group of people who save together and lend to each other at a reasonable rate of interest. The members of the credit union save together in low-risk funds set by law and lend each other money for useful purposes. 

For several years, people in Great Britain have achieved a better way of life through participation in their credit unions. They do this by forming a credit union or by joining an existing one.

Today, thousands of members enjoy the benefits of credit unions by saving together and being able to borrow at a reasonable rate of interest when the need arises. The credit union movement is strictly non-sectarian and non-political.