This article is based on the book ‘First Comes Love Then Comes Money,’ by Bethany & Scott Palmer.

A word of caution as we look at different money personalities over the next few weeks. Our focus is not others but ourselves. Our goal is to understand our financial values, goals and our relationship with others who have different financial personalities. Our financial personalities are linked to how our automatic or subconscious mind thinks about finances and the decisions it makes without conscious thought. When we know our financial personality and have clear financial goals, we will be more aware of how our financial personality can help or hinder us towards those goals. We can then work to adjust our thinking and habits accordingly. Remember your financial personality is not based on your income, gender, race or age rather it’s just based on you. Two people could have totally different economic backgrounds but have the same financial personality.

The Saver 

‘…look at an ant. Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two. Nobody has to tell it what to do. All summer it stores up food; at harvest it stockpiles provisions.’ Prov 6:6-8


  • Is responsible, trustworthy and reliable when it comes to finances 
  • Gets a buzz out of saving 
  • Is patient when making purchases – doesn’t mind waiting for months or even years to make a purchase 
  • Knows how to prioritise their spending 
  • Avoids credit card debt like the plague 
  • Often has some things stored up for a rainy day 


  • Can be overly focused on financial goals to the point of worry and anxiety 
  • Can obsess over money constantly talking about savings investments how much everything costs which may be off-putting to others 
  • Can be a joy thief – wanting to do or buy very little unless it is free, cheap or heavily discounted 
  • Can seem cheap and selfish 

Does this describe your primary or secondary financial personality? How does it impact your financial goals, your career, your small and big decision making? How does it impact your relationships? What small but powerful changes can you make to ensure your financial personality helps rather than hinders you? How can you use your financial personality to glorify Jesus? If you are not a saver, what can you learn from the Saver? Please continue the conversation by commenting and sharing!