Adventist Credit Union Loans

Adventist Credit Union Loans

The Adventist Credit Union provides loans at exceptionally low-interest rates (12.68 APR).   To take out a loan you must become a member of a credit union. For information on how to join The Adventist Credit Union, please see here.

How can I take out a loan? 
Members are encouraged to save regularly for a minimum period if they do not already have a history or regular savings through other savings accounts. Members are allowed to apply for a loan. The amount of money you can borrow, and the repayment terms will depend upon the period and value of your savings, the purpose of the loan, the amount requested and the character of the member.

All loans are protected by life assurance with the premiums paid by the Credit Union. This means that your loan is paid off should you die.

Information on ACU Capacity-to-Repay Loans: 

  • The credit union has been in existence for over 21 years and has an asset base of over £300,000.
  • Currently, the ACU has money in its loan portfolio fund available to lend to its members
  • All loans are subject to the individual member submitting a complete and accurate loan application to support their capacity to repay a loan from the ACU.

Members must supply

  • Details of current income and expenditure
  • Details of current indebtedness to other creditors and existing ACU loans
  • Declaration as to the accuracy of the information submitted